Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's do this...the 2007 roundup

Before I get into the listings I just wanted to say that some of the places on here I haven't posted about and there's reason for that (sometimes too lazy or just that it's not really appropriate for the sites standards).

This has been quite a year and I myself am suprised with how much I've written considering in school I was totally one of those people that used any possible ruse to make it appear I was writing more than I was (double spacing and thesauruses helped me through those hard times indeed).

With that being said:

Burger for 2007 goes to The Burger Stand I know that's highly controversial but check it out before you condemn me.

Best all around pub goes to Father's Office. Not a big shocker here really as I love his take on the American Pub concept though in second place would be The York.

Best all around coffee shop (read cafe) for 2007 goes to to King's Road Cafe. Killer coffee, excellent food, great place to see stars looking groggy eyed.

Best grease spoon diner goes to Rae's. Cheap (and I do mean cheap) healthy sized servings of breakfast standards.

Pizza. Ha. Here goes: NY style goes to Joe's Pizza (of Santa Monica) while I give the Los Angeles take on NY style to Damiano's. Pizza Couture I give to Pizza Mozza.

BBQ was a tough choice but i the end it came down to JR's BBQ and in a close second was Phillip's.

Going to mention a weird one cause I am still impressed with nonfat iced chai latte goes to Groundworks Coffee. I figure I'd thrown that one in there for those specific lovers of chai.

Hot dog/polish dog goes to Carney's but right behind them for polish dog would have to be Molly's. Molly's has a pretty intense polish dog.

For Ethiopian, Merkato's is still kicking everyone else's butt.

Best hidden spot for sunday brunch on 3rd goes to Alfredo's. I send everyone there cause you can always get a seat and the food is pretty dynamite.

Philly Cheese steak spot goes to The Great Western Steak and Hoagie. I've been to a bunch and still this one reigns supreme.

Best way to blow a bucket o' cash...Sona. David really knows how to throw down when it comes artistic cuisine and for this you will pay dearly (especially with his Decouverte which never fails).

Best newcomer on the block goes to Osteria Mozza. I LOVE THIS PLACE.

Dessert spot goes to Susina's Bakery followed by MILK.

Still my favorite Italian spot rolls out to be Caffe Carrera...Armando has it all together when it comes to Sicilian home cooking but right behind it goes to Osteria Mozza.

Best 24 hour spot goes to Fred 62.

Personal best find for this year goes to Tara's that is painfully good and "lock you up in an asylum" cheap.

Cuban spot still goes to Rincon Criollo in Culver City. I take everyone there.

Top 3 letdowns for the year go to Tanzore (boring food with a notoriously bad wait staff), Dolce (I wanted to like this place but in the end it was just over priced food inside of a place that had much more class than quality) and Red Pearl Kitchen BUT I will say this about Red Pearl, is that they have a new chef that I haven't ate from and so I'm optimistic but I need to hear some good things before I shell out more money for some overpriced food in a fancy looking empty restaurant.

Hands down the worst experience in years go to La Belle Creole. Avoid it like the plague. Bad food, uphauling service and just made me and my wife feel like idiots for not leaving a lot sooner.

And that's all I'm writing on this matter. If you don't see a category on here it's because I might not have considered it worthy of a best from the places I've been to. I think I might be able to hit a couple of places this year still even in my current situation. So still keep an eye out for more from What's to Eat LA.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Fresh & Meaty on Florence, just east of Crenshaw. They do a goooooood burger, try the chili burger also.

December 20, 2007 at 4:34 AM  
Blogger Aubrey said...

Fresh Meaty is on my list of to go places. I have heard good things about them on a couple of occasions. Rest assured it shall be covered sometime soon ;)

December 20, 2007 at 8:13 AM  
Anonymous CresceNet said...

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December 31, 2007 at 9:21 PM  

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