Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The York...Highland Park's very own Cheers

5018 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA 90042
Open Daily 5PM-2AM

I've been noticing a recent pattern of gastropubs in my posting. Maybe it's the cheaper food, maybe it's the desire to try newer beers with friends, or maybe it's to see who's stepping up in this LA dining trend. Whatever the case may be, I'm glad this trend is happening. There are lots of plusses and very few cons to deal when it comes to gastropubs. One of the precious parts about it is the fact that it brings people together without the pretension of only having beer and getting wasted.

One of the newer (only a couple months old) installations to the scene is The York (that just so happens to be on York Blvd). I will attempt to round out this post with a quick concise review.


When you walk in you have one big room divided down the center by the bar. To your right is the main bar side (stools, counter and tables for 2) and to your left is the more "sit down and bring a party of people" side.

The beer selection is decent and while not extensive they have everything that most people would enjoy and a great staff looking out for everyone. The food is a mixed bunch including small AND large plates. By far, not your average prepared dishes. Whoever designed their menu was obviously trying to turn a few heads. Shown above for instance is their "take-on-a" Pulled Pork Cuban sandwich which had ham, gruyere, pickles and mustard aioli. While not Cuban in the purest sense (which I'm glad about), this was fantastic rendition of the "worker's lunch-time special". It was very well balanced and the fresh ham and gruyere made for a repeatable item on my list.

For something more familiar, here's there cheddar burger, and for their customization, they included spicy harissa aioli and pickled onions on it. This is a pretty killer burger. The patty is pretty thick and the bun is super soft. We ordered ours medium rare and guess how it came out? Perfectly medium rare...practically text book. I can still smell the fresh beef in my nose. Quite a memorable plate indeed. To round out the plate, they throw in their rocket fries which have steak fries sized taste in much thinner fries (if you want to just have a lighter snack when you're there, their fries are perfect) . If you come here and eat meat, this is a must try!

Their menu changes seasonally but some of the other items worth mentioning are their blackened catfish, the cheese and salami plate, and for sure their truffle grilled cheese with tomato salad. All incredibly good and the prices are easy on the pocket.

The environment is super friendly and heck, they even had someone with their kids having dinner. It's loud but not unbearable and they've got great taste in music spinning throughout the tavern. They've really done a great job in creating an environment that you'd want to stay at and yet not even worry about how much you're spending.

Small announcement: My next post will be on my next giveaway!

Free Refills: No
Entree Price ranges: $8 to $14

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