Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheebo's...In honor of our current sky

7533 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Mon-Thu 8AM-11PM
Fri-Sat 8AM-12PM

The sky still has it's fresh layer of orange thanks to the fires that have crisped the south land. All that orange has reminded me of our very own Cheebo restaurant here in Hollywood. If you've ever been patrolling down Sunset you'll know that is quickly one of the most memorable places on the strip thanks to it's orange artsy exterior.

Inside your eyes are treated to pop art laden walls while your butts are treated to "getting-to- know-all-about-your-nearest-neighbor" seating. And though the seating is sometimes tight it's always been a friendly environment...maybe Cheebo's attracts all the right people.

While perusing their menu you'll notice it's quite eclectic and for the most part healthy. They strive to use organic, all natural, nitrate and hormone free products, but this doesn't mean flavorless. In fact, most of their plates exude a natural in your face experience. Take their Cheeborrito for instance. While possibly one of the simplest items on their menu, they have paid attention to make sure the the bacon is chopped and spread evenly throughout. They give you 3 extra items of your choice to accompany the eggs, hash browns, bacon and salsa already inside the tortilla.

I'm not going to mention everything on their menu though most of it I could easily write about. I will however make mention of two often bought items. One being the Porkwich. Their description of it is "slow roasted organic pork, pickles, roasted onion, manchego cheese, tarragon may on ciabatta". My description, "pork holiness nestled between artisanal bread". This is one of the "slamminest" (non BBQ) pork sandwiches on the West side. By the way, I love the chips that come with this plate (as well as many of their other plates), they're freshly made and never too salty.

The other favorite is their pizza. The crust is soft on the inside and a little less soft on the outside, the cheese is smooth with lots of "string" character, the toppings are very fresh, and it's consistently like this. It comes out on a wood plank and is good enough for one (with an appetite) or two people (if you're eating light) . Their pizza is by far above average but obviously more artisanal and therefore wasn't on my pizza week postings. That's not to say it isn't absolutely fabulous and worth ever cent you pay for it, it's just not your traditional pie (to some it's even better than tradition) . Pictured above is their Alfredo Slab, a white pizza with ricotta, ham, spinach and mushrooms. It's one of Celeste's favorites and I think has been ordered by someone in our party almost every time we've been. Now if you're going for take out, you may want to to order their famous "slab" which is a 3 foot slab of pizza that can be sectioned off for toppings.

This is just a sampling of the many glorious items they have to offer and though I only mentioned day time meals they will blow your socks off as well when it comes to dinner. I really do wish I could name off all the plates that are special, but I think you'll just have to go and discover for yourself. Oh man, before I forget, they have a killer Arnold's seriously my favorite. It's fresh lemonade and not your typical tea to boot!

Parking can be weird depending on when you're there. It's a safe bet to park on the street around the place but just pay attention to the is West Hollywood after all. The staff are pretty on it and though the place has some serious hustle and bustle to accompany the noise level, it's generally a pleasant experience always. When you do decide to go, try and grab a spot on their patio on a sunny day, it always reminds me about how nice it is to enjoy Hollywood.

PS. celebs go here...often... & FREE WIFI.

Free Drink Refills: Yes
Entree Price Range: Breakfast/lunch $7 to $20 and dinner is $10 to $24 with one special plate (28 day dry aged Prime all natural NY strip) setting you back $35

BIG PS. I have a winner for the ticket give away, thanks to all of you who gave it a shot. Keep checking the site for more opportunities (sometimes they're not the subject of the post) and BIG HINT, I'll have another REALLY REALLY soon.

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