Thursday, March 29, 2007

Carney's (Yeah I agree with most of LA about their hotdogs)

8351 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 654-8300
Open Everyday 11AM-Midnight

So as I'm writing this I'm thinking... what can I say that every other person hasn't said before me about how wonderful Carney's is? Their hot dogs, particularly the spicy polish dogs, are just the best. The usual fixins are available like relish, mustard, sauerkraut and the such, and that's not surprising. It's the actual dog itself that commands attention. I've heard it many times before that you don't want to crowd a dog cause it's something simple, like a taco for instance. The Zen of hotdogs if you will: simple components should be in harmony with each other and yet be able to stand on its own as something tasty. Their hot dogs are just that. I can't place what's so different about their meat but it sure is addicting. Many Sundays about 1PM or so you can catch me downing two chicagoan Red Eyes with ketchup (spicy polish dogs with mustard, relish and onions), some fries and a large root beer. Now that's not to say that the rest of their food isn't great. Their hamburgers are some of the best you'll find this side of town. While it's no frills methods don't appeal visually, do you really want ballpark food of this sort to be dressed up like it's going to the prom? Of course not.

Let me also say a small blurb. Kids love coming here. Maybe cause you get to eat inside a huge toy (though very real) train box car? I'd imagine anyone reading this has already been here. It's got that kind of reputation. If you haven't, what's taking you so long? Haven't you been feeling left out of the club or do you not want to be part of the incrowd? You know what? We don't need your kind anyways...go back to your chaise lounger in your back yard.

Free Drink Refills: half price refills but hey they have beer to complete the ballpark experience.
Entree Price Range: Average about $3.75 but here's a menu if you want to check.

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THX 4 comments about carneys & the link to website

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