Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sky's Tacos

5408 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 932-6253
Mon-Sat 7AM-9PM
Sun 8AM-5PM

Sky's Tacos is not your normal taco place. At all. We ate there last night and we stuffed ourselves (for your benefit of course). Located in an area on Pico Blvd. that is trying to make a great comeback from being downtrodden. They have many new restaurants, theatres, and great boutiques that are just stepping up the area. Literally a facelift for an area that was starting to look like it was on it's last leg. Surprisingly Sky's Tacos has been in the same location for 15 years or so and is part of this "surgical" procedure of bringing in good business.

Why are Sky's Tacos not your normal tacos? Because they're doing there own take on mexican tacos by adding some soul to them. That's right...soul tacos. Don't get me wrong, they're not trying to make Mexican style tacos and failing. They're making tacos their way. I say this in full confidence by the fact that they have "Authentic Taco's" on their menu and they 're just that...super traditional. Tiny corn tortilla with some meat, cilantro, a little onion and some sauce and no lettuce. Very tasty and hey, for $1.50 you score a small victory for your stomach and pocket. But on to what makes them different. Their famous tacos are hefty! Two average tortillas house the monster which can be filled with beef, chicken, turkey, veggie, carnitas, shrimp, steak, or lobster! (By the way, the shrimp tacos are what everyone raves about.) Top it with lettuce and there Sky Sassy sauce that's both sweet and spicy. It' a very unique flavor and just its own. It's like cajun but not at all cajun. It's flavorful and has just enough spiciness to give appropriate heat for ya. They also make fish tacos and you have your choices with that of mahi, salmon and tilapia. Salmon tacos...yummmmmmy. Now they also have burritos but we didn't get to have any due the fact of wanting to really sample as many tacos as possible on there menu. They were hefty as well (from what we saw on other people's plates) but even more so obviously than the tacos. On a side note, they're having a special right now on crawfish tacos that are monstrous...packed to the brim with crawfish and sauce and just good!

This cute place is owned by Barbara Sorrel (husband of jazz bassist Charles Sorrel) and her recipes are perfect for being off the beaten path. The price is not rockbottom for the items but you get a good amount of food and something different which is always welcome. To finish off, have some of their fresh, made her home kitchen, cheesecake...some of the best you'll taste in a while. I personally would go here just cause the food is good and I like to support a scene that is making a comeback. Without you and me eating there the area may start slipping away again. So this Sunday, after church go on in and get some tacos that are not your normal everyday tacos.

Free Drink Refills: No
Average Entree Range: $1.50 to $6 (they have full plates that run a little more but you decide for yourself)

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