Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day 3 Parter:(pt.2) Saddle Peak Lodge

419 Cold Canyon Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
Dinner: Wed-Sun 5PM-10PM
Brunch: Sat-Sun 11AM-3PM

Batting a thousand again with no pics...my sincerest apologies. I did however give you something much more helpful if you do decide to go to Saddle Peak Lodge and that's a map. Let me explain.

This wonderful restaurant is tucked into the forests of Calabasas away from everything else. The restaurant is a glorious log cabin that has a several different levels to it. Sadly, like I said, I don't have pictures to show you how amazing and romantic it is. But, at least go to the website and take the virtual tour.

The menu typically consists of game meats that are pound for pound some of the best tasting meat you will ever taste this side of California. As we are talking about Valentine's Day let me show you what their Valentine's Day menu looks like:

First Course
(Choice of one)

Lump crab soufflé with Osetra caviar, lambs

leaf lettuce and mascarpone cream

Butter poached Maine lobster salad with puree and shaved
artichoke, lobster glaze and mixed green salad

Chilled cucumber and mint soup with
“cold” smoked Kutamoto oyster

Second Course
(Choice of one)

Pain de mie crusted Rouget fillet with pistou, preserved
lemon cream and confit tomato- piquillo salad

Seared Hudson valley foie gras with bacon wrapped madjool
date, honey and pepper gastrique and bitter greens

Fuji apple salad with St. Agur blue cheese, toasted pecans,
endive, arugula, shaved red onion & apple cider vinaigrette

Black truffle soup with soft poached farmer’s
market egg served with toasted brioche

Main Course
(Choice of one)

Whole roasted partridge with Burgundy and bartlet pear chutney,
wood grilled and braised radicchio marinated in balsamic

Pan seared new york with pomme douphines melted saint agur,
onions soubise “French soup style” and wilted arugula

Grilled Elk tenderloin with chive gnocchi parsnip
purée seared foie gras and beef jus

Roasted salmon fillet with asparagus puree, cocotte
of peas and mussels and toasted bread

(Choice of one)

Trio of Strawberry- Chocolate,
sparkling shooter and sorbet

Almond and honey mousse with almond tuille, amaretto”
crunchy” sauce and passion fruit sorbet

Molten chocolate cake with melted caramel
filling and dulce de leche ice cream

I will tell you right now that this stupendous meal does come with an amazing price tag of $100 per person. BUT I will say that there are few places that can even begin to approach the magnitude that this place has to offer. This is the exact kind of place that offers the best environment to get engaged. I am not exaggerating.

The service is excellent... almost to the point of thinking they can read your mind. One time while eating there we were having brunch and I was literally thinking about another drink and sure enough the moment it came into mind there was a waiter at my side. The meal we had there was just exquisite and had nice little surprises. We were sat next to a window and a huge hawk came and perched itself on the ledge literally feet from us. Just a wonderful memory that was had and many more are still to be had there.

While I'm at it I might as well mention that their brunch is the best I've ever had...period. If you go for this sometime, make sure you get a side of their game sausage that words can't describe how tasty it is. The food in general is just wonderful and you can't go wrong with anything on their menu. Close your eyes and just pick...you'll be happy no matter what!

With the surrounding forrests and fireplaces and just an incredible moutain vibe to this place I only have to say, "Go here and get engaged...right now".

Free Drink Refills: No
Meal average: $55 (during normal hours which includes appetizer, main course and dessert...not too bad all things considered)

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