Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day 3 Parter:(pt.3) "That One Place...Anyplace"

Thought I would leave this day in your hands if you've gotten this far without reservations. You'll just have to wing it. I do say this though, as long as you care about that person then any place can be a memorable one. You don't have to go all out to impress someone. Just show you care and only want to be with that person. No other place but in their presence is where you want to be. So go grab a bite somewhere and take a walk or go to a movie. Just impress it upon yourself to let all your feelings out to your loved one.

Hardly anyone is reading this page just yet but hey I figured you all could use some advice from someone who's given it some thought. Romance is in your head and what you make it. Sure great food and great scenery helps to bring it out but the true stuff is within.

Cheers and here's to a wonderful evening with the ones you love!


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