Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Gumbo Pot

6333 West Third Street
Los Angeles, California 90036
Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM
Sun 10AM-7PM

I LOVE The Gumbo Pot at the historic Farmers Market on Fairfax. If you like New Orleans cooking (or haven't tried it) this is the primo spot for it. My wife and I started coming here long ago when she had a cold and was feeling not her best. She wanted something that she could actually taste since her taste buds were on the fritz. We had seen The Gumbo Pot on one our previous trips to the Farmer's Market and thought it would be the perfect spot to try, not to mention you can't get much more flavorful than cajun! We went and had some of my favorite creole this side of Texas! Now let me interject with the fact that I have eaten lots and lots of Creole cuisine from my touring across America and have tried my fair share of all that has to be offered even Gator bites and The Gumbo Pot stacks up very well to the real deal.

Their menu has a wonderful assortment of Poboys (cajun sandwiches) made on the best muffalettas I've tasted that are all fantastic (in particular I love the catfish, shrimp and crawfish poboys). They have jumbalaya that is to die for and is balanced just right. Sometimes there's a tendency to make it too packed, where it's like you're eating a plate of meat and hidden in there like Where's Waldo is the rice... but not this one! This is just a pleasure to eat down to the very last bite. Items like red beans and rice and sweet potato salad are the perfect sides to the seasoned catfish.

Located in the Farmer's Market makes it a plus due to the fact that you have free 2 hour parking with validation and you can grab dessert somewhere in the Marketplace(My personal favorite are the chocolate covered strawberries next to the old crepe place... yum!). Also if you're gift shopping it's located right next to the Grove. I love the Gumbo Pot and now is the perfect time to go on's raining and it's Mardi Gras week! So go and wake those taste buds up!

Free Drink Refills: No
Entree Price Range:$6 to $9

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