Monday, March 19, 2007


1714 N. Wilcox
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 962-1020
Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM
Sat-Sun 10AM-9PM

Yonni's was a great find for a couple of reasons. One, for the fact that it's so close to Hollywood Blvd where we catch lots of shows, from standup and improv at the IO, to small theatre such as the Paul Gleason theatre, [Inside] the Ford and some other random small theatres that pop up around the area. We just so happened to catch one such play that was lots of fun at [Inside] the Ford called "The Defenders" (basically a wild spoof on The Avengers show from the 60's) that evening. Two, is that for as many places as there are to eat on or close to Hollywood Blvd., most of them are just downright bad for you to the point of being a little scared to eat or too expensive. Yonni's is a safe haven from all of that. So if you're close to the Capitol Building end of Hollywood and you don't want to cripple your colon or are tired of sushi, here's a good (and good for you) place to go.

Looking like your small run of the mill coffee shop but with a little more love in it and a hint of Pari, Yonni's has a lot to offer in great simple flavors. Great coffee and tasty sanwiches are their specialty but they also have personal size pizzas that are awesome and pasta if you want something a little more hearty. Their burgers are somethign special as well as they have a bit more flavor and high quality ingredients to them than just your average everyday burger. Take the turkey burger which has barbeque sauce in it. The burger, the tomato, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce and this super tasty sauce...some how it would seem that each item was picked to blend in harmony with each other. Top it off with their side salad with vinaigrette and you have a small way to break up the day and to save your stomach. They also have healthy breakfast items that will also help pop those tired eyes right open.

While parking is always an issue on Hollywood Blvd. I would say go here if you're already in the neighborhood or work near there. When I was inside of this place I was just reminded of just how the attention to details really steps up such a common thing as a cafe. Yonni's is a small place in a very big town and in perhaps the largest part of it...hopefully this underdog will stay afloat.

Free Drink Refills: Coffee is .50 for a refill and sadly soda by the can
Entree Price Range:$5 to $7

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