Friday, March 23, 2007

Jack n' Jills (Beverly Hills)

342 N. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 247-4500
Open everyday 8AM-5PM

While there are now 2 locations for Jack N' Jills, the Beverly Hills location is still the tried and true best version of the two (the others in Santa Monica). What do you get? A slamming breakfast spot that delivers food that can be described as the "cuisine of a country morning".

One of the cool things about this hustle and bustle little restaurant is the amazing smells of breakfast and baked goodies as soon as you set foot inside. Typically crowded on weekends, you might have to wait a couple of minutes for a spot but the turnover is pretty darn fast and the service is excellent. I usually grab the Country Fried steak and eggs that is world class tender and not to crispy. The gravy on it is not too heavy and the eggs are light and picturesque.
Other tasty dishes are the Hi-protein scramble (for you health junkies, which has egg whites, chicken breast, turkey bacon, spinach, tomato, onion, jack cheddar and mozzarella...very yummy) and their griddle cakes of all varieties have never failed me once. An amazing little treat that I love about this place are the miniature blueberry muffins that you can get as a side or as your bread option(you know... instead of wheat toast). I took a pic up above so you can see what I'm talking about. insanely good. I could almost eat a meal of these alone. And for dessert (cause who doesn't like to have dessert with their breakfast) they have heavenly cupcakes, which for you people who don't keep up with popculture, is the "cool" treat to treat yourselves with these days. The chocolate peanut butter one I had once was just sinful. I had to repent. Now, while they have lunch (and it is excellent) it is nothing compared to how tasty their breakfast plates are.

Anyone who has ever set foot on this most hallowed(aka - expensive) ground, there is zero parking, or at least to the untrained eye or the inexperienced. Directly across the street from the restaurant is a parking structure which'll give you 1 hour free and I think it's a buck or $1.50 for the next hour. Ample time to stuff your face and ponder how much that dress will cost you in monthly installments. Go tomorrow. I hear it'll be a lovely day in Beverly always.

Free Drink Refills: Yes
Entree Price Range: $11 average plate (not too shabby for Beverly Hills)

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