Monday, April 9, 2007

Groundworks Coffee

1501 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028 (amongst 6 locations total)
(323) 871-0107
Mon-Fri 7AM-8PM
Sat-Sun 8AM-8PM

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. I myself did and had a wonderful weekend all around. Played at some different places and just had a great weekend. Oh and I popped into Groundworks coffee for a debatable (but many agree) iced chai latte after I went to the 101 cafe and headed over to Amoeba Records (which is conveniently located diagonally across the street from Groundworks). They somehow nailed the right proportions and have got it down to a science everytime. I've tried other places and it's too sweet or not sweet enough or the spice is actually bitey, but not here. It's just right...everytime.

They have great coffee as well and very tasty paninis which make for a great snack after walking for hours through Amoeba. A word of mention that also goes for this coffee shop and their coffee. They are fair trade coffee distribtuor which means the coffee you'll be drinking will be coming from people who didn't get worked to the bone for horrible and often illegal wages. Check out Black Gold for more on that. Also, the selection of beans that they have is amazing and can be complex in flavor. If you're a coffee nut, as many today are, know that you WILL reliably find an amazing cup of coffee here. They have multiple locations which can be seen on their site if you aren't close to this one, and the prices are pretty good to boot.

On a side note about seeing movies, I saw Grindhouse this weekend and it was so much fun. Just a fun return to entertainment. Some say that the pacing can be slow, just ignore them. Go expecting to watch everything you want in 2 over the top "B" slash "slasher" slash "car-chaser" slash "exploitation" movies our generation has had the joy to watch in a sticky floored cinema. Here's a tip though, don't drink too much or your bladder will explode by the final scene.

Free Drink Refills: coffee shop...duh
Entree Price Range: blanking right now but it's about $4 for a panini if I remember's cheap enough either way.

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