Saturday, April 7, 2007

Love for the "101 Coffee Shop"

6145 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-1175
Everyday 7AM-2:45AM

Haha...the 101. A place of legend for the Hollywood scenesters. Aside from feeling like you've stepped back in time (you'd swear you'd walked into a late 60's or early 70's diner) this diner is nothing short of one of THE best places to get together for food. You may ask why just a place to get together? Because you can spend some serious time there and not even realize it. It's just a fun place to be. The food is awesome. Enough said about that. You're like, "All of it"? Yes, all of it is good...DARN good. I can say that with some degree of authority as I've had a lot of their food in the past. It's a diner with a higher edge of class to the cooking. Some of you may discount it as a grease spoon but it is a far cry from that. Rather it's more like a chef at a nice restaurant just lost his job cause the restaurant got closed and then got hired here. So he's making amazingly good food but dumbing it down for people like us so that we don't suspect him and his feelings don't get hurt cause we're wondering what he's doing here making our breakfast.

Food looks good doesn't it? Well it is. And the prices are pretty good as well. You know when you go to a nice restaurant and the waiters and waitresses are all models or actors? This is no exception except that most of these people don't seem like they want to be either a model or and actor. It's a hangout and point of inspiration for art...

That's right. In the first line of the song he's referencing this very same place. How do I know? He doesn't live very far from the 101 and comes here.

Famous people come here all the time as well and what's great is they don't get bothered here. You just see them and realize wow...I always wondered where they went when they eat normal food. Just to mention last time I went there I saw Fred Durst and his girl. Hopefully he's less of a turd cause he treated a friend of mine very badly while she was working at a radio station here in LA. But I digress.

Excellent food, great atmosphere, open super late, parking is the only sometimes bummer (small parking lot) but there's street parking if you don't mind walking a little which I assume most of you don't considering the fact that if you eat like me you know you should be walking off more than your share of food.

While inside the 101 I was inspired to just film stuff so here's the menu for your perusal. You're like "did he just film the menu?"...yes I did:

Also I thought to share a little bit of me. An illusion for the masses after a meal fit for well maybe not a king but maybe a jester in the Hollywood scene. (Someone remind me to close the aperture more next time.)

Free Drink Refills: Yes
Entree Price Range:$7 to $13 (those $13 plates are super rare though)

PS. It's a a very short walk from the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre where you can catch some of LA's funniest doing comedy.

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