Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hamburger Habit

11223 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 478-5000
Mon-Thurs 10AM-11PM
Fri-Sat 10AM-Midnight
Sun 11AM-11PM

Other bloggers gave Hamburger Habit a bad rap. I beg to differ from their opinions. I've gone here on several occasions and have had a good meal and have had nothing but the cheeriest service. Admittedly they do know us from going there so often but that's not why I write about going here. It's located right where the 10 and 405 meet in a small strip mall. Sure it's been there for a long freaking time (I do believe it started in 1968) and the decor seems like it never changed since then but that's part of the charm. It's all "Coke-d" out inside with red and white everything and just has the old soda fountain feel to it. A funny bit is the comedy in the bathroom. Some good cartoons and one liners are up in there (not grafitti or tagged on).

The food has been good. I'm not going to go insane and say it was the best burger cause there are certainly others that I would rate higher. I'd put this at a better done back yard Memorial day weekend burger. Nothing too fancy but the meat does taste fresh everytime I go there. As far as awards go, they have the signs that state their recognition from the likes of KABC, even though it was like 25 years ago. I have no problem with that. There are lots of reasons why a place may not get recognition anymore and we can only speculate why. I noticed they state that their burgers are fresh, not frozen chuck steak, with a fat content of 10-12%, and ground especially for them. Some other bloggers say that the burgers lack flavor compared to other burgers...the flavor difference is probably in the fat %. So a low fat burger equals different meat flavor. But I digress because it makes this burger a healthy burger in comparison so you win some and lose some. I think they taste great either way. They do have a special sauce on it which makes it oh so flavorful(kind of a cross between tangy and smoky) and they've been putting more on it since a couple of years ago when I first went there, and now they're even better since then. The fries are done nicely as well since they are chunky and just crisp enough that they still have some wiggle to them. I do love their hotdogs. They're firm skinned and full of juicy flavor(all beef). I'd place them not too far behind from Carney's. Their chili is hearty and really is tasty with the extra cheese. An odd little thing that is really yummy is their lentil soup, they say it's homemade actually(plus they top the bowl with grilled onions). I know I know, soup at a burger place...but if you're trying to decide to have something more than just a hotdog, it really is good to have and pretty dawn healthy too. I like their shakes as well (not too sweet, not to thick so you're not having a stroke trying to suck it through the straw and not frozen for a brain freeze). It's all a difference of opinion maybe from la.foodblogging (though I love their site...keep it up Jonah!)

Last I want to mention an oddity of this place. If you swing dance, yes... I said swing dance. This place will let you dance there. I know this sounds totally weird but they play old music from the 30's to the 50's and we started dancing there when we first went and they love it. I know hardly any swing dancers will see this page, but it's been good that it's been our little place to dance that no one except our close friends know about. But, if you do and you see this guy (named Alfredo who's been working here for 17 years!):

ask him if he can turn up the music a little so you can dance. He'll smile and totally oblige. Talk about hooking up a sub-class of LA.

Free Drink Refills: Yup
Average Prices: Burgers about $4.50 and hotdogs about $3

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