Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Diner Week: Wendy's from the other side of LAX

107 W. Grand Ave.
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tue-Fri 6AM-2PM
Sat-Sun 7AM-1PM
Mon Closed

Breakfast by LAX can pretty much suck all around. Unless you find the few gems that are tucked away within a few minutes distance by street from the airport. George's is one such place that comes to mind if you're coming from the North side the airport. But, if you're coming from the south side, THE go to place for breakfast is Wendy's Place in El Segundo.

I love this place! Loved by just about everyone in the neighborhood and even the surrounding neighborhoods (I had friends who live in Manhattan Beach that told me they love this place when I mentioned I would be writing about it). The walls are covered with Norman Rockwell painting puzzles and there's a sweet sense of a place that has somehow withstood the changing times.

The breakfasts they serve up are as All American as the Rockwells on the walls. As far as chicken fried steak and eggs are concerned, their's are one of my favorites in the Southland. I would honestly rank it in my top five. The breading is light, the meat very tender and the gravy is just the right consistency so that you don't feel like you just ate a brick. The hash browns have just a hint of meat flavor from the grill and the eggs seal the deal.

By reading the posts so far, can you tell we love pancakes? There's are no exception with these cakes being spongy but firm. Somehow they're able to stay together even with gobs of syrup (yes I have a sweet tooth).

Parking is street parking. It's located in the "small towny" section of El Segundo that has a huge sign section showing the churches in the area (which were plenty). Somehow walking into this area you're taken back to a Mayberry like atmosphere complete with the the small diner that they call Wendy's to supply the right start for your All American day...or flight from LAX.

Free Refills: Yes. Oh and they have pretty decent coffee ;)
Entree Price Range: Breakfast $5 to $8 and lunch is $7 to $10

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Blogger Jessica said...

Okay, so it must be said that when I was reading this post on Google Reader earlier today, I thought I was reading one of my favorite VEGAN food blogs until about 3/4 of the way through... "MAN, that chicken-fried steak looks convincing!"

Whoops. :-)

February 27, 2008 at 11:42 PM  

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