Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kado...check your mail right now!

6333 W 3rd St (The Farmer's Market)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(On the Grove side, near Sur La Table,'ll see it ;) )
Sun-Thurs 11:30AM-10PM
Fri-Sat 11AM-11PM

It's about time they added something like this to the Farmer's Market! Tell you a funny story. We come home and we're like, dang what should we eat? I go downstairs and check our mail and in the mail is a flyer for Kado... a very good flyer. A buy one get one free tepan dinner or $20 free sushi if you order $20 or more on their sushi side flyer. So we're like... that settles that.

We head over to the Farmer's Market and were like hmmm... I wonder where it's at cause I've never seen it. It's upstairs at the eastern most side of the Farmer's Market. We head upstairs and they tell us that the restaurant is divided into 2 sections. One side is the sushi side (freshly made and put on the conveyor belt) and the other side is the teppanyaki side where the pyros hang out. Being that I like to burn things we go to the teppan side.

It's nice and dark inside which I'm sure is designed that way for maximum surprised drama when they start setting off bonfires in front of you. We sit down and order our food and hand them the coupon(says you have to on the coupon), and get this, they weren't about it at all... infact, the guy said "wow, this is an awesome deal! I hadn't seen one of these yet!"(wouldn't it be nice if THAT happened more often). I got a chicken and scallop fried rice plate while Celeste got the tuna teppan plate. Our chef engages us and we feel lucky when we look over at another chef who isn't so engaging, but he sure did love to bring the flames (every couple minutes something was getting torched like an offering up to the gods). Ours likes to have fun and just uses more flash and trickery. We enjoyed everything. It was all good and I do mean that. Our guy hooked it up! The tuna was done just how we like it, the chicken was super tender and very flavorful (I got mine spicy), and the scallops were huge and tasted like everything tasty from the sea. The veggies were just crunchy enough (man they were good) and it was just a joy. Might I mention that as shown below they hooked me up portion wise.

Our guy gives it all 2 thumbs did we!

So check your mail for an incredible deal. The total came up to like 30 some odd dollars. Now here's where the comedy comes in... as we were finishing up, 3 more couple come in and all get sat together. They don't know each other but come to find out they all had the coupon. Great minds think a like. Though I didn't have any, I hear the sushi rocks as well. It's about time the Farmer's Market got a sweet sushi spot. It needed it badly. Don't forget there's free 2 hour parking with validation at the Farmer's Maket...but I'm sure you knew that already.

Tonight I'll be seeing one of the funniest guys in LA retiring one of his funniest shows. Brendan Hunt at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood doing "5 Years in Amsterdam" for $5. Go. It starts at 8. You'll laugh...and then laugh some more when you realize this all actually happened to him.

Tomorrow I will be writing about my Pho spot in Echo park that is the junk. Yet another amazing spot I'll be unleashing on the world...mwahhhhahhhahahaha.


Free Drink Refills: Yes
Entree Price Range: $17 to $28 (not too shabby for teppan) USE THAT COUPON!!!

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