Friday, May 4, 2007

Electric Lotus (brain still fuzzy)

4656 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Sun-Thurs 12PM-12AM
Fri-Sat 12PM-1AM

I'm finally recovering from last weekend at Coachella. Had a chance to pop into Electric Lotus with a buddy and forgot that with just the two of us I need to order accordingly. Many leftovers were had.

When you walk in here you're in a dark den that kind of reminds me of a Moroccan movie spy hangout. We pop a seat and order up. This shot was with my flash you an idea of the darkness in there.

We got the Lamb Biryani and the Lamb Coco Curry and to drink a Taj Mahal Beer and a Yeti beer. We also grab the garlic naan which is kind of addicting. We talked about life and issues facing us and the world today. The food shows up and my eyes are reminded that when you come here you order for everyone cause the portions are massive. We laugh then proceed to stuff ourselves. The lamb in both plates was super tender and the rice in mine was flavorful as well as balanced while the curry was not too heavy, but was flavored oh so delicately with the coconut. Good eatins. I had enough leftovers with my lamb biryani to share two plates with my wife later on! The price is balanced to how much you get about hence why you should order according to who you're with so that you can share plates. I'd say 3 plates of food is good for 5 people about.

It's a rock and roll hideout that serves up good Indian food. Kind of like Toi's is for Thai food on Sunset. My brain still hasn't fully recovered. Such an amazing time was had. I'm exhausted and have a headache. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are so inclined next week come to the Mint on Thursday at 8 PM if you care to meet me and have some tasty burgers. I'll share with you if you'd like. I'll be the one onstage with the upright...

Free Drink Refills: Yes (word of caution while the beer is a good size it's $6 to$8 a bottle...but man does it go nicely with the meal)
Entree Price Range: $9 to $17 (remember you get a lot and that the steeper end of that range is mostly seafood)

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