Friday, July 27, 2007

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the...GRUB

911 N. Seward St.
Hollywood, CA 90038
Mon-Fri 11AM-3PM
Sat-Sun 9AM-2PM

Today's entry into the annals of What's To Eat LA is no stranger to awards or honorable mentions of many Los Angeles lists. Grub has the personality of a place that's supposed to be a hidden treasure, except everyone knows about it. Often appearing on many top breakfast and brunch spots, Grub is a place that has come to dominate in those categories. But why is the quaint Hollywood hotspot so well spoken of? It's in the details.

When you arrive you immediately notice the pleasant patio area with a few tables out to you right and some small steps to your left as you enter through the charming vine entranceway. You quickly realize that you've entered someone's bungalow style home that got converted into a restaurant.

One of their always charming staff seat you at a table and you peruse the very breakfast focused menu. The room is vibrant with light and it's all natural as they have a 3 out of four walls lined with windows, they don't have a single light on. You almost tend to forget that you're in Hollywood as this place is the antithesis of hollywood hustle, bustle and power brokers. This is a place to go if you want to get away from the city without leaving town.

When you glance over there menu you notice the disclaimer, if that's what you can call it, about how they take a little bit more time to get your food out cause they're putting extra care into it. At most places I might find this questionable. I mean a preemptive apology can seem like a cop out. But not here! You really do feel like their kitchen is only a couple of people and they're dedicating all their focused energy to bringing a smile to your face when you take that first bite.

On this last trip over there we ordered up two of their signature plates so you could get a visual sampling of how they hook up their customers. We ordered their "Mamacita's Breakfast Burrito" and their "Friggin' Amazin' French Toast". The breakfast burrito came out and my eyes bulged at the size of this thing. It was about two and half of my fists. It was filled with chorizo, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, roasted potatoes and topped with their salsa and sour cream. What I absolutley love about their burrito is the chorizo in it. I must admit that many times chorizo can be a bit over the top with either how spicy, how earthy or how sweet it can be. Not so with their chorizo; it's light but very meat forward. You can still taste the spices but it's not overkill. Same can be said for the amount of potatoes, there's a lot but not overkill, which can be a bit of letdown when most of your burrito is potatoes. Overall I'd give this thing a 9!

Celeste had the "Friggin' Amazin' French Toast", which after tasting, we realized must have gotten it's name from everyone's reaction to it. You have the option to have your french toast made with either raisin bread or a croissant! A croissant?!?! As if they didn't have enough fat in the first place?!?!? So, of course, we had to try the croissant. Per their style it was dipped in a cinnamon vanilla mix batter, and cooked just till the edges were toasty. Finally, it was served with raspberry butter, pecans, and maple syrup with a side of seasonal fruit. The first bite was the best kind of surprise, you forgot it was a croissant, but tasted every bit of toasty butteriness with the essence of vanilla finishing with a little tang from the raspberry butter. It really was a new creation all together. We have yet to taste anything like it. Let me know how the raisin bread version is if you try it!

We also scored a side of their chicken pesto sausage with onion and pepper. It was a fabulous side that complimented the French Toast perfectly. Not very greasy at all and exploding with smokey flavor. Not to detract but this would be great with some beer on it's own.

In the end you have to realize that this is plain and simply one of THE best breakfast/brunch spots in LA. There's very little to find even remotely bad with this place. The service and food quality is of such a high level you'd be a fool to not at least go in and try it. I've found that the ladies who run this place (Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo) have really hit it on the head with the answer to a fabulous a fabulous AM and attention to details.

Free Drink Refills: No
Entree Price Ranges: $8 to $16

On a side note: I may or may not be updating the site this coming week as I'm heading off to the wilderness of Arizona for a gig. So don't think I died or anything and please if you're in LA, please keep eating out ;)

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