Friday, July 13, 2007

Lulu's bright as a country sunrise

7149 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles , CA 90036
Daily 8AM-5:30PM

I love how this week's entries has Pistachio Grill bookended by Lala's and Lulu's. Where to begin? Well, it seems silly of me to say that I can't remember a time out here when Lulu's wasn't here. Even before I was going there I always saw it's busy outside patio filled with the hustle and bustle of people filling their stomachs with some great looking breakfast plates. It seemed to be a hub for the party battle weary. People showing up in sandals and shorts with sunglasses on to hide the hungover look in their eyes. People who do have actual lives, but need a place to recoup. This was my visual introduction to Lulu's.

Over time, I found that I too returned to Lulu's more often than not for a solid way to start the day. They have the magic on the inside to transport you to a very country atmosphere. From the table cans showing off fruit and veggie advertising from yesteryear to the always sunny feel of the room, you get that inner sigh. Though the crowds of people might distract you, you still feel all warm even on a rare LA rainy day.

This last time through we ordered up some classic fare for us, their House Benedict and their special made Granola. Their House Benedict I truly feel is designed to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. It's two medium poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, avocado, tomato and ham served over a toasted English muffin with a side of crisp home fries. They get the eggs on the medium side every time and the ham really makes it so that each bite doesn't wear you out flavor wise. Sometimes a bad Benedict can just wear on your taste buds and while you're still hungry you won't want to finish it. Not so in this case, it's good to the last yolk doused potato.

Celeste, obviously, was the one who ordered granola. The fruit was all at peak ripeness, and I think she actually ate all the strawberries before starting in on the granola. The granola itself was hearty and chunky, none of it was too hard or too dry, they didn't over-do it on the cinnamon and it had a nice maple touch to it. To granola connoisseurs this is an important factor. Overall it's one of her favorite bowls in the city.

Though I don't have pictures for them I can also highly recommend their French Toast, most of their egg dishes are dynamite and for lunch their burgers are right up there as well as BBQ chicken sandwich and BLT. Just about anything that has fruit is great! Whoever they get their fruit from has an amazing quality of crop.

Lulu's Cafe has street parking and some limited parking in the back, but the service is on the faster side so the turnaround is at a decent pace. It's located near the shopping stretch of La Brea which makes it refreshing after tiring your feet out. While they aren't open for dinner, they do have breakfast and lunch to satiate those early birds who so desire to fight off the nightlife style that is LA.

PS. For those too lazy to get up they do deliver with a $15 minimum.

Drink Refills: Yup
Entree Price Range:$6 to $10

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